Queen of Ibile, An innovative Project

Pageantry in Nigeria has grown into it’s own and is still growing and has become one of the best ways for young women and men to express themselves as well be educated on various aspects of their culture and society in general. It has become more than just showing beautiful faces on the runway but is a strong avenue for empowering women all over the world and also setting right standards for beauty, fashion, culture and tourism.

I strongly see that this is what the Queen of Ibile pageant aims to achieve by creating this innovative, creative and educational pageant.

It is worthy to note that this project is set to take place in the heart of Lagos the commercial hub of Nigeria, a state filled with rich culture.

The Queen of Ibile project is a beacon of hope and self esteem for young girls all over Lagos and the world.

Mr Mahogany (Sola Oyebade)Tags: #ibile Lagos Nigeria Beauty pageant community tourism culture

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